Garden City

Another one bites the dust. by Michael White

I took a summer art class in this building at age 12. I don't have too many other memories of it, but like the village's cathedral and the St Paul's School for boys, this, the St Mary's School for girls, was built in 1879. Amazing that its demolition about 25 years ago was tolerated. This drawing is a copy of an undated archive photo. It looked to me from the early 1900's, but there's a column of fire escape stairs on the facade on the right, which makes me think that it was taken after New York's Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911.

St. Mary's School|Michael White

Village Project by Michael White

Excited to have begun a project of drawings and paintings of the beautiful architecture of the town of Garden City, Long Island, where I live and have had family--and interest in the buildings--all my life. Amazing historic structures, like this great Victorian Bishop's house on Cathedral Ave. There will be an exhibit of the series at the Garden City Library this fall.

Victorian Bishop's House | Cathedral Ave, Garden City, NY