Mural Unveiling Event by Michael White

My hometown of Baldwin, Long Island had the stroke of fortune to receive a homeless Brooklyn 1912 carousel. The carousel was made by the renowned carvers Solomon Stein and Harry Goldstein for the Canarsie waterfront Golden City Park. When the Belt Parkway destroyed the park in 1939, amusement impresario William Nunley bought the carousel and had it moved to Sunrise Highway in Baldwin, rebuilt its pavilion, and opened a restaurant beside it. The park added rides, arcade games, and a mini golf course over the decades, with its beautiful Wurlitzer-playing carousel at its center whirling for years and years. By the time it closed in 1995, I imagine millions had ridden it.

I started a series of paintings of my favorite horses in their old Baldwin setting last year, which came to the attention of the Baldwin Civic Association, who asked if I would do a project for the town. After some discussion and collaboration with the MTA, it was agreed that I would produce a 7 by 5 foot mural of a carousel horse to be permanently installed at the Baldwin LIRR station. The painting is now finished and will be mounted later this spring.

The carousel was bought in 1995 by Nassau County as an historical artifact, and was eventually refurbished and moved to a new pavilion at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. I will have an opening event for the mural there, alongside my other carousel artworks, on March 9. It will serve as a fundraiser for the Baldwin Civic Association, so that they may sponsor other such projects to beautify the town. It’s a public event at which there will be free food and carousel rides, and donations to the Baldwin Civic Association are voluntary.

All are encouraged to come and celebrate the mural, the carousel, and the memories of our beloved old park.

nunley's mural opening invite.jpg

Mural Project for LIRR by Michael White

I’ve been asked to paint a mural of Nunley’s Carousel, a beloved landmark that operated in my hometown of Baldwin, New York from 1939-1995. The 7 by 5 foot panel will be installed at Baldwin’s train station, visible to the world passing by, much as these horses passed by again and again for years. Riding them was one of my fond early memories. They still do turn, in their beautifully refurbished state, at the Cradle of Aviation Museum, which will host an unveiling of the mural before its permanent mounting. Tentative date is March 9….. watch for updates!

nunley's carousel black horse roses.jpg

Japanese temple by Michael White

For an open commission for a drawing of a Japanese temple, I chose this view of Eihei-ji, a Zen Buddhist monastery in Fukui prefecture, for the many things about it I love, including the stairs, the avenue of huge trees, and the central building's jewel-like setting within nature. The drawing is 12 by 15 inches.

Eihei-ji | Michael White

One of 400 by Michael White

From the 1920s through the 40s, the architect Olive Tjaden designed or supervised the design of 400 houses in the village of Garden City alone. This house is one of them. The irregular slate tiles and masonry were typical flourishes of her style.

82 Chelsea Road, Garden City, NY | Michael White

Prints available! by Michael White

I've printed two editions of prints from my St. Paul's School drawing, one actual size (14 by 19 inches) and one half size. This print is from the smaller size group. These and prints from my portfolio (including bridge murals) are available now, so check the website and contact me to order! 

Deep history visit by Michael White

Was given entrance to the library archives by knowledgeable and welcoming village historian William Bellmer, and saw great old photographs of several of the buildings I've drawn, including yearbooks of the two schools built in 1879, St Paul's and St Mary's, from many decades. Feels like I'm getting "within" the buildings.

St Mary's School|Michael White
St Mary's School basketball team| Michael White
St Mary's School|Michael White