Japanese temple by Michael White

For an open commission for a drawing of a Japanese temple, I chose this view of Eihei-ji, a Zen Buddhist monastery in Fukui prefecture, for the many things about it I love, including the stairs, the avenue of huge trees, and the central building's jewel-like setting within nature. The drawing is 12 by 15 inches.

Eihei-ji | Michael White

One of 400 by Michael White

From the 1920s through the 40s, the architect Olive Tjaden designed or supervised the design of 400 houses in the village of Garden City alone. This house is one of them. The irregular slate tiles and masonry were typical flourishes of her style.

82 Chelsea Road, Garden City, NY | Michael White

Prints available! by Michael White

I've printed two editions of prints from my St. Paul's School drawing, one actual size (14 by 19 inches) and one half size. This print is from the smaller size group. These and prints from my portfolio (including bridge murals) are available now, so check the website and contact me to order! 

Deep history visit by Michael White

Was given entrance to the library archives by knowledgeable and welcoming village historian William Bellmer, and saw great old photographs of several of the buildings I've drawn, including yearbooks of the two schools built in 1879, St Paul's and St Mary's, from many decades. Feels like I'm getting "within" the buildings.

St Mary's School|Michael White
St Mary's School basketball team| Michael White
St Mary's School|Michael White

Another one bites the dust. by Michael White

I took a summer art class in this building at age 12. I don't have too many other memories of it, but like the village's cathedral and the St Paul's School for boys, this, the St Mary's School for girls, was built in 1879. Amazing that its demolition about 25 years ago was tolerated. This drawing is a copy of an undated archive photo. It looked to me from the early 1900's, but there's a column of fire escape stairs on the facade on the right, which makes me think that it was taken after New York's Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911.

St. Mary's School|Michael White

The pioneering Olive Tjaden. by Michael White

My newest commission is for a house designed by Olive Tjaden, who graduated from the Cornell Architecture College in 1925, at the age of 19. She was the first woman member of the American Institute of Architects, and designed 400 houses in Garden City alone. This is Tjaden Hall at Cornell, its art building, a place where I spent a couple thousand hours, I guess, and home to her archives.

Tjaden Hall|Michael White